Restorative Justice Programs in Utah

Juvenile Court Restorative Dialogue Programs

The Utah Administrative Office of the Courts, through the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Department, and the Utah Juvenile Court have created several programs which allow victims of crime, juvenile offenders, schools, and other community stakeholders to participate in face-to-face dialogue to discuss the harm caused by crime or truancy and ways to repair the harm. These programs, which include victim offender mediation, restorative group conferencing, talking circles, and truancy mediation are based on restorative justice principles.

Restorative Dialogue programs exist in most judicial districts across the state.

State Program Coordinator:

Bart MacKay
Restorative Dialogue Programs Coordinator
Phone: (435) 986-5754


Restorative Dialogue Program
206 West Tabernacle, Suite 160
St. George, UT 84770